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kVP Energy Services is a complete electrical infrastructure solutions company providing electrical automation, construction, and maintenance services focused on utility electrical systems and the renewables industry. Established in 2012, our company is based in Andrews, Texas, with additional locations throughout Texas and New Mexico. Our service area spans North America. We provide our customers with safe, environmentally sound, high-quality work at a great value through our two service brands, kV Power and Power Standard.


For our customers, we deliver exceptional service and unparalleled safety at a fair and reasonable price.
For our people, we work tirelessly to cultivate an atmosphere where people work to build a life, not just a living.


  • Guardianship

  • Great Courage

  • Decency

  • Embrace & Drive Change

  • Deliver Wow

  • Build Relationships


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Our business is built upon our foundational value of safety, as we are first and foremost committed to the health and well-being of our employees, customers, contractors, and community. We provide a healthy and safe work environment that minimizes the risk of workplace injury and accidents. Safety is not only a value but the foundation upon which our business is built.


Our principal quality objective is to exceed owners’ expectations by employing the “Build It Right the First Time” philosophy. To ensure that services are provided and completed within safety, quality, schedule, and financial reporting requirements, we adhere to quality management measures of planning, assurance, control, and improvement.

Employee Training & Development

Our mission is to build greatness within a culture where people work to build a life, not just a living. Our training and development give kVP Energy Services a distinct advantage in the availability and retention of the best-trained and highly competent employees. Our progressive philosophy steadily paves the way for continuous improvement in safety, quality, craft, leadership skills, and efficiency.

Environmental Sustainability & Compliance

kVP Energy Services promotes a workplace culture of environmental sustainability and compliance. Our environmental commitment, training, and orientation program results in a workforce ready to meet and exceed today’s environmental requirements. kVP Energy Services’ program includes:

  • Compliance with all applicable environmental requirements.
  • Assurance of protecting and preserving all land, water, vegetation, and wildlife resources, cultural and archaeological sites, and other natural resources.
  • Promotion of energy and water conservation.
  • Utilization of measures that minimize greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Environmental hazard elimination through continual process improvement.
Corporate Sustainability

kVP Energy Services is committed to ensuring that our children and grandchildren inherit a better tomorrow. We strive to lead in corporate sustainability through a focused effort to become more aware of the effects of our business practices on our employees, business partners, subcontractors, and vendors. Factors we always consider include:

  • Environmental – conservation, efficient use of equipment, habitat impact, waste reduction, and more.
  • Social – employees, stakeholders, and community.
  • Economic – compliance, governance, and risk management.

kVP Energy Services is committed to equal opportunity with our internal employee practices as well as DBE and local participation in each project we perform. The following are good-faith efforts utilized:

  • Advertising in diversity-focused publications.
  • Requests for proposals from DBE and local suppliers.
  • Outreach to low-tier DBE and local firms.
  • Engagement with local community organizations to locate potential suppliers.