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In the fall of 1993, I had been discharged from the Air Force and was not sure what I would do. I had worked for a small electrical contractor in the summer months while in High school. I saw an ad in the local paper that Kay & Kompany Electric in Andrews, TX was hiring. I applied and was hired on the spot for $6.50 an hour. Boy, howdy, I needed every hour I could get with twin daughters and a wife. I started out as an electrician’s helper, but was soon introduced to line work, I had found my calling.

Kay & Kompany was owned by Larry Dupler local businessman, entrepreneur, and pilot, a man I looked up to. Larry took me under his wing, he gave me an opportunity, he could be hard as hell but always fair. I knew back then I wanted to build a business-like Larry had, I even tried to buy Kay Kompany, but a Million dollars wasn’t in my vocabulary. Mr. Dupler passed away in the fall of 2015, and he had a passion for life.

For the next ten years, I would try and find any way possible to start my own Electric business, it wasn’t until the winter of 2003, when I ran into Jim Milson, that I would get my opportunity. Jim owned Sun Electric in Odessa, TX; Jim offered me my dream. Jim offered me a partnership earned through sweat equity. In December 2003, I became an official partner and Co-owner of Sun Electric. Those years at Sun were some of the best times in my life. Jim was my friend, mentor, and a great business partner. We would go on to sell Sun Electric in the fall of 2009. Jim went on to pursue things he had not had the time for in many years. Jim passed away in February of 2020, if it wasn’t for Jim, I wouldn’t have found my way.

Back then, Sun Electric wasn’t widely known, but Sun Electric was the foundation of Powerline Services, the portfolio company that I founded along with Energy Capital Partners when we sold Sun Electric. PLS sold in 2023 to Primoris Services for an estimated $400 million in 2023.

A Personal Challenge
I challenged myself to build a better company when I started KV Power in 2012. Where people work to build a life, not just a living. That mission statement still stands today.

The Tradition Continues Today
kVP Energy Services is a platform company that employs 1000s and One of Four WEP platform investments in Fund IV at over $1.4 billion. The new Partnership with Warren Equity Partners will allow KVP to expand into new service lines and geographies. It is the ideal partnership to continue our growth while providing ever-improving service to our customers.

Bryan D. Hoffman



  • 2012

    Looked back at where I had been and where I wanted to go. Had to put my ass where my heart wanted to be. Knew I could build a better company.
  • 2012 – August

    Hoffman founded kV Power

  • 2012 – August 12

    Hoffman opens shop at KV

  • 2012 – September

    First KV Crews start work

  • 2012 – 2015

    kV Power builds out its service region in the oil & gas market

  • 2015 – October

    kV Power starts a process to enter the Infrastructure construction space

  • 2016-March

    KV Power lands first project with AEP. We’re officially in the game.

  • 2016 – 2018

    KVP continues to build out utility divisions

  • 2018 – December

    Completes deal with Rock Hill. KV hits the 500 mark with employees

  • 2021 – September

    The Union business is born, and Power Standard is formed

  • 2023 – November

    kVP Energy Services completes deal with WEP, and the acquisition of Station Electric.